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RSI Selected for VoIP Telephony Solution by Wall ISD

Wall ISD recently selected Responsive Services International (RSI, Inc.) for a VoIP solution for the school district as their old legacy analog system failed.  RSI, Inc. provided both a cost effective hardware system tied in with a cloud-based routing of the district’s phone calls using their current internet bandwidth.  This allowed the district to do away with many of their phone lines coming into the district as these were no longer needed. Additional savings also will occur as they will no longer have to pay for long distance dialed calls.  Wall ISD not only recognized the savings and efficiency of this new VoIP solution, but also implemented this now due to coming cuts to their funding for these phone services from a federal program called E-Rate.  The district also purchased all new IP-based gigabit HD phones to replace their older phones and were amazed at the call quality.  The district also recognized the future savings and possibilities of integration of this system for intercom/paging and bells for the district. Management of the system is easy and the web-based interface module is intuitive and can be shared with multiple users creating a streamlined and efficient process for making changes, reporting and diagnosing issues.  RSI, Inc. is proud to have worked with Wall ISD in upgrading their phones and would love to work with all school districts in showing them not only how much better a VoIP system will perform but also the significant cost savings involved, with the system paying for itself in as little as two years.  If you would like more information, please contact RSI, Inc. at sales@responsive-services.com or by calling (800) 658-2086, ext. 120. We look forward to assisting your organization.