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More Texas School Districts Choosing Ruckus Wireless

Responsive Services International Corp. (RSI, Inc.) along with Ruckus Wireless continues growth in Texas schools.  Recently, RSI, Inc. has added Ruckus Wireless for Clyde CISD, Rotan ISD and Roby CISD.  These districts, like many others in the state, are realizing the importance of high speed wireless on their campuses. With RSI’s experience and Ruckus’ reliability, speed, and dependability, high speed wireless access for staff and students is now a reality. This not improves access for educational purposes for students, but also allows for access after school for students who may not have internet access at home.

RSI, Inc. is proud to be one of the leading technology providers for school districts in the West Texas area and our continued growth is a testament to our dedication in providing solutions that work and are cost effective.  Please visit us online @ www.responsive-services.com, or call us at (806) 763-1586 to see how we can help your organization.